The Best Instagram Scheduling Apps for 2023


Businesses who want to flourish on Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, must post frequently. However, it might be challenging to find time to publish every day, especially if you’re preoccupied with operating your business.

Tools for scheduling fit in here. We’ll talk about some of the top Instagram scheduling apps in this article and how they may help you provide your followers with material.


2023 Instagram Trends

It’s no secret that Instagram is a very popular social networking site, and fashion trends are frequently popular. So, if you want your material to be pertinent, helpful, and engaging, it’s critical to keep up with the most recent trends.


Why Is an Instagram Scheduler Necessary?

Finding the time to post frequently on Instagram is difficult, as we’ve previously discussed. You may schedule your posts using scheduling software and marketing automation in general, so you won’t have to worry about posting every day.


The Top 5 Planning Apps for Instagram

Although there are many applications available for scheduling Instagram posts, we’ll concentrate on the most well-liked ones because they have a history of success.

While some of them only give planning for Instagram, others also offer planning for other social media channels.

The use of a scheduling app has a few benefits. It first helps you save time. You won’t need to spend time every day coming up with new material if you schedule your postings.

Second, it makes it easier for you to post consistently. Your fans will be aware of when to anticipate new information from you if you post frequently.


  1. Sendible

For all of their social media platforms, including Instagram, users may schedule posts using the Sendible social media management software. It was one of the first apps to help marketers manage their social media accounts when it was introduced in 2008. Its convenient dashboard incorporates all well-known activities in one place: publishing, monitoring, and analysing reports.


Key features include simple filters for individual accounts and a single area for all social streams.

  • Automatically sentiment analysis
  • ready-to-present reports
  • Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube, and Canva integration
  • Web, iOS, and Android – accessibility.


  1. MeetEdgar

A social media site called MeetEdgar was introduced in 2010. It is renowned for being simple to use and for recycling content. By enabling users to schedule posts in advance and automatically reposting content that has previously performed well, the software saves users’ time. It was created with business owners in mind, making it ideal for small enterprises.


Principal characteristics:

  • A repository of timeless material
  • Automation window times
  • Tools for overcoming writer’s block: locating quotes in articles
  • Tracking past events and performance
  • Availability: Web, iOS, and Android


  1. Buffer

Buffer is another well-liked software for scheduling. It makes it simple for you to share excellent material with your social media followers. Buffer makes it simple to schedule posts in advance, eliminating the risk that you’ll forget to share anything crucial. Additionally, Buffer provides you with useful information on the people and locations who are engaging with your content.


Social media analytics: optimal posting times, optimal posting rates, and engagement rates

group cooperation

Providing feedback to dashboard remarks

notifications and recollections

Web, iOS, and Android – compatibility.


  1. Iconosquare

An application created exclusively for Instagram is called Iconosquare. It aids in audience research and performance monitoring for your account. You can schedule posts and keep track of hashtags using Iconosquare. Additionally, the app offers helpful advice on when to post so you can make sure the most number of people see your material. 

  • Customizable dashboards let you see the metrics you need.
  • Support for multiple social profiles
  • Instagram analyzer: best time to post, geolocation, user tagging, and more
  • Competition monitoring
  • Availability: Web, iOS, and Android


  1. Post Planner

A social media management application called Post-Planner was introduced in 2011 and aids in the planning, posting, and analysis of your posts. Small businesses and bloggers that wish to save time would love it. You can quickly locate viral material on social media and plan it for later with Post Planner. Additionally, this tool offers you insightful information about what is and is not working.


Principal characteristics:

  • Calendar for automated posting
  • alternative for recycling content
  • post creation customised to a platform
  • Finding well-liked articles, movies, and photographs is known as content discovery.
  • a collection of branded materials


Availability: Web


Final Reflections
If you’re serious about digital marketing, you need to use a scheduler to manage your postings and make sure they get live on schedule.