Artificial Intelligence is the the ability of a computer or a robot


Controlled by a computer to do tasks that are usually done by humans because they require human intelligence and discernment .although there are no artificial intelligence that can perform the wide variety of tasks an ordinary human can do,some also can match humans in specific tasks .

.what is intelligence 

 All but the simplest human behavior is ascribed to intelligence ,while even the most complicated insect behavior is never taken as an indication of intelligence .what is the difference,consider the behavior of the wasp,sphex ichneumoneus .when the female wasp returns to her burrow ,and only then ,if the coast is clear ,carries her food inside .the real nature of the wasp’s instinctual behavior is revealed if the food is moved a few inches away from the food is moved a few inches away from the entrance to her burrow while she is inside .on emerging ,she will repeat the whole procedure as often as the food is displaced .psychologists generally do not characterize human intelligence by just one trait but by the combination of many diverse abilities .research in artificial intelligence hs focused chiefly on the following components of intelligence ;



Learning is one of the fundamental building blocks of artificial intelligence solutions.from a conceptual standpoint ,learning is a process that improves the knowledge of an artificial intelligence program by making observations about its environment .artificial intelligence process focused on processing a collection of input -output pairs for a specific function and predicts the outputs for the new points .to understand the different types of artificial intelligence learning models ,we can use two of the main elements of human learning process like knowledge and feedback .



Reasoning plays a great role in the process of artificial intelligence .thus reasoning can be defined as the logical process of drawing conclusions ,making predictions or constructing approaches towards a particular thought with the help of existing knowledge .reasoning defines the process of thinking about something in a logical way in order to form a conclusion or judgment . use reasoning skills on a daily basis ,then we analyze situations and we process information .


3.problem solving 

Problem  solving is commonly known as the method to reach the desired goal or find a solution to a given situations .in computer science ,problem solving refers to artificial intelligence techniques ,including various techniques such as forming efficient algorithms ,heuristics ,and performing root cause analysis to find desirable solutions to a problem by performing logical algorithms utillizing polynomial and differential equations and executing them using modeling paradigms .there can be various solutions to a single problem ,which are achieved by different heuristics .also ,some problems have unique solutions .it all resets on the nature of the given problem.



The American psychological association defines perception as the process or result of becoming aware of objects ,relationships ,and events by means of the senses ,which includes such activities as recognizing ,observing ,and discriminating.



Python and Java are the languages that are widely used for artificial intelligence .The choice between the programming languages depends on how you plan to implement artificial intelligence .For example ,in the case of data analysis ,you would probably go with python .