Process of Lead Generation


Lead generation is the process of gaining the interest of potential customers to increase future sales .It is a critical part of the sales process of many companies .Understanding lead generation and how to use it effectively can be essential in moving leads through the sales funnel to become paying customers .



Lead generation usually falls into two main categories ,they are;




Inbound lead generation is a marketing strategy that involves attracting leads to your brand .Unlike outbound lead generation that involves you reaching out to customers ,inbound lead generation is permissive .That means your prospects initiate the conversation and permit you to send them marketing.


Types of inbound marketing 

.SEO – search engine optimization is a strategy that involves making improvements to a website in order to appear higher in search results and generate more traffic .

.PPC – pay per click advertising is another inbound tool that relies on the use of keywords .

.CONTENT -the inbound methodology depends on content creation to build meaningful relationships with leads and consumers .Every stage in the sales funnel is resource heavy .the more high quality content you have ,the more likely you all attract visitors ,nurture leads ,and close deals .



Outbound lead generation involves some way of contacting prospects directly ,whether its through phone calls ,direct mail,emails ,or social channels .It involves employees speaking directly to decision makers on behalf of your business .

The best example for outbound lead generation are direct emails and phone calls .in today’s highly connected world ,there has been some debate about the effectiveness and relevance of outbound lead generation techniques


Examples ;

   Cold calling ,cold emailing ,direct mail ,billboards ,event sponsorships,trade show presentations ,advertising through tv,radio ,print and online through in person contact  .