Explainer or product videos help connect with an audience by demonstrating the company’s product or service and why it brings value .companies can engage with the audiences through short ,powerful videos that show why customers should choose their products .the videos should leave viewers wanting more with a clear call to action to contact the company for additional information.



 Social media platforms offer users the option to create live streaming videos to engage with the customers in real time .These videos can be used for interviews ,announcements ,events ,office tours ,or other behind the scenes operations .live stream video platforms also have a chat feature for viewers to post sure to address these questions and engage with viewers during the stream .


   If a company is hosting a conference or event ,videos are a great way to promote or post highlights from the event .share interesting presentations from the gathering to distribute information .create a recap video showcasing speakers ,presentations and other highlights of the event .companies can focus on the entire event or choose small portions to highlights with their audience .events are another great way to tap into the livestream platforms added to the promote an upcoming event ,highlight presentations for interviews from the previous years ,and show additional footage of the meeting attendees and events that took place .



  How to videos are meant to help the viewers solve a problem with a shareable message to reach additional people .the message is centered around one objective with steps on how to meet that objective -for example ,how to turn leads into customers with email campaign software .the video should answer common questions related to the product or service .these videos have distinctive structure with clear ,step by step instructions similar to a tutorial .these videos can be used to help customers reach goals during the sales funnel process .



 Customer testimonial videos appeal to the emotions .they showcase a customer complimenting a business ,including why they choose their products, how they use it and what they like about it or the company .customer testimonial videos can address a case study that showcases the customer journey such as background ,problem ,solution and the company .these videos should  always address  the pain point to identify with the target audience .they need relate to the person behind the camera .this can help prospects with the final push to choose the product or service . ads 

 One of the most popular types of videos ,video ads are a form of commercial that highlights a brand and product .These ads are promotional with the intent to sell to the audience .A video ad should create brand awareness with actionable goals ,such as guiding viewers to the company website . culture videos 

 Company culture videos highlight more than the business ;they highlight the people behind the company ,they make the brand feel human and create a connection with the audience .


8.Educational videos 

 Educational videos should be engaging and fun.the goal of these videos is similar to blogs and to inform the audience .choose a topic that aligns with the companies brand and is relevant to the target audience .educational content helps companies deliver valuable information .companies can choose content based on well performing blog content .



 SOCIAL platforms such as instagram ,facebook and twitter and tik tok have short form videos for creative ads .these ads are typically a minute or less and are fun and engaging .these videos appear in the user’s feed and can get a lot of engagement with the trending songs .they enable marketers to be creative ,while showing a company’s personality and providing a connection to the audience .social media videos can also help reach local audience by sharing the location .feeds on social media platforms ,such as facebook,tik tok and instagram ,target ads based on the user’s location.