Should Your Brand Run a Remarketing Campaign on Google Ads?


Those who have previously expressed interest in your brand by using your app or website may be your most valuable campaign audiences.

Because of this, Google Ads provides a tool that lets you target these particular groups. Customers that come across your remarketing efforts and are reminded of your goods and services are more likely to make a purchase from your store!


A remarketing campaign is what?

You may contact the people who have already visited your website, used your app, or in some other way interacted with your brand online through remarketing, search, and display ads. This group is essential for building a base of loyal, long-term clients who make repeated purchases.


Which Two Groups of Audiences Can You Remarket to?


1) Customer match list for Google Ads

You can easily upload your clients’ email addresses to Google Ads using Customer Match. By matching the list of email addresses to profiles on Chrome, you may target any user who is logged in and send messages to your most valuable customers directly from the platform.

Users can, of course, choose not to see any adverts when logged into Chrome, including customer match ads. They can choose not to get tailored advertising, or they can mute or block certain ads in their Google Adverts settings if they don’t want their browser to see your ads.


2) Audiences for Google Ads Remarketing

Remarketing refers to sophisticated targeting of users who have interacted with your app, website, or brand in the past. Remarketing lists can be made using Google Ads and then used in several campaign kinds.

Remarketing tags are used to set up lists in Google Ads. All you have to do is upload a small piece of Google Ads code to your website. You can add the global site tag and an optional event snippet using this remarketing tag.


What Are the Best Practices for Building a Campaign for Remarketing with Google Ads?

Knowledge of Frequency Capping

The most fundamental of all remarketing best practices is frequency capping.

It’s the distinction between gently reminding people of your brand and relentlessly following them online until they detest even the sight of your logo.

Therefore, take into account how many remarketing campaigns you currently have when choosing your frequency cap.