You’ll Need These Crucial Instagram Marketing Tools in 2022


Making sure you have tools for these essential tasks—research, creation, execution, measurement, and optimization—is the key to creating an Instagram marketing tech stack.

This list of Instagram tools has been compiled with this idea in mind. Each recommendation is taken from the best digital marketing trainer and has been given a “best for” category to make it simple for you to recognise the primary task it completes. Let’s get going.


The Best Free Tools for Instagram Marketing


  • Buffer

Buffer is a tool for managing social media that enables users to schedule material, create campaigns, reply to comments, and access data.

However, under Buffer’s free plan, many of these functions are limited, which is why it is referred to as a “scheduling tool.”

With this subscription, you can schedule up to 10 posts at once and connect to up to three social media sites.


The best for: scheduling content.

Users’ opinions about Buffer are straightforward. It is simple to use and comprehend. I adore being able to demonstrate to my supervisor how simple it is to approve posts. The changes I’ve seen made to the app’s appearance over the years have only improved it.


  1. SparkToro

In contrast to conventional audience research tools, SparkToro is an audience intelligence platform used in digital marketing courses in India.

You can enter a keyword into the search box on SparkToro based on the following inquiries.

  • “Insert keyword” is a topic that my audience frequently discusses.
  • My target audience includes the word “insert keyword” in their profile.
  • The “insert term” social media account is followed by my audience.
  • “Insert term” is the hashtag that my audience uses.

The “insert keyword” website is visited by my audience.

The technology then produces insights on that audience, including demographics, content preferences, etc.


What Users Are Saying

I was able to construct my user personas more thoroughly because of SparkToro’s transformation of a time-consuming and difficult audience interest and engagement research process.

  1. Analisa

Analisa is an analytics platform for Instagram and TikTok that uses AI. You can use reports to learn more about the performance of Instagram through online digital marketing courses and its followers here.

What you receive with the free plan is as follows:

  • endless searches
  • profile analytics are available.
  • statistics on post engagement

Analisa should give you some insight into your profile and audience as well as the tactics, materials, and results of other profiles on the platform, even though this is restricted you can learn more about this in digital marketing classes.

For Social analytics it is best.


Users’ Views: “Good for rival analysis” The level of detail in each IG account’s data is excellent.

  1. Woobox

Woobox is a platform for managing campaigns that enables users to launch and manage giveaways and contests.

This platform enables you to host contests with hashtags and comments as entry options, specifically for Instagram giveaways. Instagram images and videos are also acceptable submission forms.

Best for: freebies said by the best digital marketing institute online.


What users are saying:

“I have mostly utilised Woobox for my organisation’s social media campaigns, and it has helped save time and streamline these processes for myself and my employees.”

Woobox’s straightforward user interface and functional design make adding the proper legal terminology quite easy, more information about this platform can be found in marketing training institute.

  1. Canva

Creating graphics is simple with Canva. Canva features a number of templates (and instructions) that may be used to create posts and stories exclusively for Instagram.

You have access to a wide range of design tools, such as templates, texts, and backgrounds, even in the free edition.

Graphic design is best.


What Users Have To Say: “Canva’s user-friendly and intuitive UI is the one feature I like the most. It is very easy to navigate through, and it also provides a lot of features under the free tier, while the premium feature has some of the best features like automatic background removal and high image resolution.


There is at least one item on this list that will improve your company’s marketing, regardless of whether you are a sole proprietor, owner of a small firm, or corporate entity. Additionally, you can begin a free trial by taking the support from an online digital marketing trainer, which makes trying something out practically risk-free.