Tik tok and instagram reels are taking over social media feeds and consumer attention .There is no question that this format will only continue to grow .For businesses to stay relevant they need to appear in the channels and formats where their customers are . The good news  is that short video formats are making their way into social media management tools and schedulers ,so it will become easier for businesses to plan and post next year .

As per internet days ,the way of business or marketing promotions have been changed ,whereas in olden days we will see business advertisements only in newspapers and somehow in televisions and after the product  releases the word talk would play a key role in the business marketing . Now there are several social media platforms and they promote their business through various platforms like instagram , youtube ,facebook and twitter through advertisement type or as short videos.

Big companies use celebrities or cricketers or well known faces and make them to promote their business .Whereas Indian cricketers and movie actors earn in crores for just promoting their business through instagram, and they consider it as paid partnership and they get crores for a post .

And it’s a good strategy of business to promote .Promotion has been a main work to do in a business .An entire business marketing promotion makes a business well established .