How to determine what influences a page’s Google visibility


Have you ever questioned why one search result is “moved higher” in the results list? Here’s how to find out why a search result has increased in Google or Bing.


Verify any fresh backlinks

To identify fresh backlinks, use a site like Log in to and paste the whole URL of the page in the search box at the top to accomplish this. You can find out how many backlinks a page has by doing this.

The number listed under Referring domains is the one you need. 0 Referring domains are displayed in the image above. This indicates that, as far as ahrefs is aware, no websites are linking to. You can see that there are several backlinks in the sample below.

How to determine whether new links are raising the page’s ranking

The new links may be what is pushing the page higher in search results if the article was already published but has recently had a big number of new links added to it.

Verify that the information has been updated.

if you can see the modified date

If the blog post has an original publish date, it should be at the top (it could be elsewhere). The post’s update date is displayed to the right of the author’s name in the illustration below (circled in red).

Examine the body’s freshened stuff.

Although changes to the page’s body are less frequent than those to the title, you can still check using the Wayback Machine technique described above.

Examine Google for updates.

Check to determine if a Google update occurred around a particular date if you find that a page suddenly appears higher in search results. SemRush is one of the several tools used by Reputation X to test this. Other free tools like MozCast, RankRanger, Algoroo, and others are available.

The sample that follows makes use of SemRush. You can observe that a Google Core Algorithm change had just emerged before a page gained prominence.

A page’s popularity may increase due to social media activity.

New inbound links, title updates, content updates, and Google updates have all been discussed thus far. Social media, though, can also be important. More visitors to the page could still make it appear more prominently in search results, even if none of the aforementioned techniques revealed why a page gained more visibility.