How to Be Featured in Google’s Snippets


Google is always working on new features to improve user experiences. Google’s highlighted snippets, which come up first in search engine results pages, are one of these features (SERPs). Position zero is frequently used to describe the position of the featured excerpts.

The Google highlighted snippets are displayed differently based on the search query and are taken from Google website pages. They may be presented as a definition box, table, unordered list of bullet points, ordered list of numbers, or video material.

For content marketers trying to increase their conversion rates and increase organic traffic to their websites, the functionality has proven to be helpful. Statistics indicate that 35.1% of all clicks come from featured snippets.


Continue reading to find out how to accomplish it in a few steps if you want your material to be displayed on Google snippets.

Discover featured snippets from rivals

Utilize Google to find snippet chances.

Use queries and long-tail keywords in headings.

Recognize the goal of the quest

Organize your material Adhere to the recommended word limit ranges

Discover featured snippets from rivals

One of the simplest methods to find Google-highlighted snippets chances is to spy on your competition. You can pick keywords to target to take those featured snippets away from the competitors by finding the already-published featured snippets.

To discover the focus keyword phrase and the Google featured snippets your competitors are ranking for, utilize a keyword research tool like SEMrush or Ahrefs.

Utilize Google to find snippet chances.

Additionally, Google offers opportunities for featured snippets. Choose a specific keyword or content topic to focus on first. Run a Google search after that to determine if those keywords have featured snippets. That requires more manual labor. Nevertheless, it can assist you in identifying new chances that you might have overlooked during the competitive analysis.

use questions and long-tail keywords in headers.

Search queries are evolving to be more detailed, lengthy, and conversational as a result of technologies like Google voice search. These questions help to create focused, long-tail keywords or question formats.

More readers and search volume will result from including the frequently asked questions in inPut your content in order.

Google values material that is organized nicely. Search crawlers can more easily read your material when it is formatted correctly. It also provides a wonderful user experience.

your headlines and responding with a succinct and uncomplicated response. That demonstrates the worth of your material to Google and raises your chances of getting a Google-featured snippet.

Observe the recommended word limit ranges

The goal of Google’s highlighted snippets is to provide users with straightforward answers to their inquiries. Sadly, there is no word limitations on Google. Nevertheless, different word and character counts are advised for various forms of featured snippet content.

Finally, having your website appear in the Google highlighted snippets offers advantages. Both traffic and brand exposure is significantly increased. As said above, creating high-quality content that Google would like is the greatest method to get a featured snippet.

Follow these pointers, and secure a featured snippet position