Word Hosting at its Finest: Which One Do You Have to Choose for Your Blog?


Building a fantastic website is essential; no one is denying that. But people tend to neglect the importance of selecting the right host. The thing is, the health of your website depends on the hosting provider that you simply opt for. For now, there are three unofficial “tiers” of website hosting for WordPress: free, cheap, and paid hosting. 

 It all depends on your needs. With this in mind, let’s dig deeper into the simplest WordPress hosting options. 


WordPress hosting is free.

Free WordPress hosting is usually used for those learning about WordPress and for various website tests.

Below, we’ve outlined some free WordPress hosting options. 


WordPress.org is the official WordPress website. 

This is not to be confused with WordPress.com, which may be a for-profit website dedicated to the implementation of the software found at the WordPress official website.

WordPress.com offers you an easy way to create a WordPress site and launch it. 

Still, this service is extremely user-friendly.

You get 3GB of storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and access to many publicly available WordPress themes.


On top of that, you get a free SSL certificate. 


  1. Straightforward setup 
  2. Quick website load times 
  3. WordPress dashboard customization


  1. You can’t install personal themes and plugins with a free plan. 
  2. You have to pay if you want to use your custom domain.

All you would like to do is create a WordPress.com account. 

Yes, WordPress.com is free. 

However, unless you purchase full access, you are unable to take use of its true values and advantages.


Hosting by AccuWeb

AccuWeb may be a WordPress hosting choice that offers both free and paid hosting packages.

It has been around for a significant amount of time—more than 15 years—so they are experienced.

Regarding bandwidth, storage, and email restrictions, AccuWeb’s free package is among the finest.

In addition, there is no advertising, updated PHP versions, and cPanel.

Up to 2GB of SSD storage and 30GB of bandwidth are provided.

On the platform’s free plan, you get a one-click installer for WordPress as well as complete database and server access.

On its free plan, AccuWeb additionally enables custom domain names and provides fundamentals.

AccuWeb also supports custom domain names on its free plan and offers basic backup support.

Overall, they are bundling up a lot for their free plan.



  1. On the free plan, you’ll get up to 5,000 monthly visitors. 
  2. 25 completely free email addresses. 
  3. A database and cPanel access 
  4. Custom domain names on the free plan


  1. Each account can only host one website. 
  2. The only server is located in Montreal. 
  3. You can’t get a free subdomain. 


Cheap WordPress Hosting

“Cheap” often has negative connotations. In terms of web hosting, though, cheap is usually the best option. 

This is due to the fact that a pricey plan doesn’t offer very much.

Cheap WordPress hosting often refers to a shared plan with enough maximum storage and bandwidth.

The vast majority of customers don’t require anything more than a cheap WordPress hosting service. Due to the intense rivalry in this sector, prices are likewise ridiculously low. Currently, the accepted norm is that annual payments are required for the least expensive programmes.



We talked about different WordPress hosting solutions here. Any of the aforementioned WordPress hosting options could work well for you. Before signing up, thoroughly consider your WordPress hosting options and conduct thorough research.