Why is accessibility crucial while designing websites?


Every company with a digital presence is affected by the growing importance of accessibility in web design. What is it then? Why is it crucial? How can you ensure that your website is accessible, furthermore?


What is accessibility on the web?

In order to give individuals with disabilities equal access and opportunity, all websites are required to adhere to a set of standards called web accessibility. The creation of adaptable websites that can accommodate various user needs, preferences, and circumstances is a fundamental element of accessibility. We regularly perform this for our clients, so we are well-versed in accessibility—and we make it appear professional.

The “Web Accessibility Directive,” in the digital world a rule requiring public entities to make their websites and mobile apps accessible to all people, including individuals with disabilities, was announced by the EU in 2020.


What is the response of Kooba to this digital movement?

Kooba has now seized the chance to educate itself on accessibility and incorporate it into our online activities. In this digital revolution, we aim to lead the way. We are revamping not only the NDA and CEUD websites (with the accessibility guidelines they are implementing), but also the websites of other public organisations.

Just a few of the organisations that have trusted us with making their websites compliant with web content accessibility standards include the National Standards Authority of Ireland, the National Treasury Management Agency, and Bord Bia Irish Food Board. Additionally, we are continually seeking fresh challenges in digital accessibility.

Our culture values honesty and equality when producing content. Throughout the design and development process, we put finding solutions to accessibility issues at the top of our priorities.


So, how do you get it right in the face of a minefield of non-conforming variables?

There are guidelines and best practices that we steer in digital marketing to our clients to ensure their website is moving in the right direction. The first step is a full site audit, which focuses on aspects like


  1. HTML semantics, including the correct use of heading tags
  2. Pictures with written descriptions (this also helps with SEO)
  3. Accessible menus, forms, and tables
  4. Screen reader compatibility
  5. Effective and sensible use of colour
  6. ARIA for web applications
  7. support for assistive technologies
  8. Assistance with alternate keyboards (such as braille and multilingual).

Once the problem areas have been located, we can improve the site to not only follow the rules but also to assist those who are in greatest need. Web design in digital marketing is frequently considered a need for businesses to generate cash and leads, but it’s perhaps more crucial for us to be stewards of communication and provide a well-groomed helping hand.


We take pride in helping connect people from all walks of life.

Design websites to benefit users with disabilities by supporting alternative input methods and friendly navigation; So you can test your website and redesign it to perform well on a screen reader—to make sure that visually impaired users won’t have trouble differentiating between design elements or similar colours; For an audience with hearing, cognitive, or neurological disabilities, we add text descriptions, subtitles, sign language, or images to communicate instead, skipping any complex design features or tricky navigation.

Following a precise set of requirements is necessary to achieve accessibility conformity, yet there are numerous traps and common errors when it comes to website conformance.

Fortunately, we’re experts in this field, having audited and redesigned numerous websites for this purpose (*buffs nails against shirt*) and taking pride in spreading our clients’ messages to a larger audience.


Wrapping Up
Take the first step towards accessibility in digital marketing. Make sure to arrange an evaluation and ensure accessibility early on in the creation process.