Which tools for marketing automation and AI are the best?


Artificial intelligence is now more widely available than ever and contributes to industry-wide efficiency and intelligence growth. There is no exception in the marketing sector.

Marketing automation, a potent subset of AI, is assisting businesses in increasing productivity and improving the outcomes of their numerous advertising initiatives. Using the correct tools, human collaboration with autonomous bots can be successful.


What does AI mean for marketing?

A system known as marketing automation automates monotonous processes including maintaining subscriber lists, notifying clients through email when their shopping carts are abandoned, and offering automated customer support (among many others).

The automation of these operations is facilitated by AI marketing technologies, which are typically integrated into your current platforms or applications.


Automating sales with AI

Sales automation software enables marketers to easily create highly personalized email campaigns that foster communication and brand loyalty (and at scale).

Sales automation software can be used to prioritize leads, schedule prospect meetings, and gather useful data in addition to email marketing.

Let’s look at some of the most effective sales and marketing AI solutions available today.

With the aid of the adaptable sales execution platform Outreach, marketers can turn sales data into useful insights. Using this seamless AI marketing solution, you can test engagement strategies and critical messages across channels like SMS, email, and social media while automating your workflows. It is used for sales automation by companies like Siemens, OKTA, and Zoom, therefore it must be good.



Gong is a sales and marketing automation platform that helps teams communicate and work more productively while also reducing the length of sales cycles. Gong’s capability to direct sales representatives through their days with automated activity recommendations and strategic suggestions is one of its most noticeable characteristics. a clever tool with much potential.



With the aid of the highly clever conversation tool Drift, marketers and sales representatives can collaborate to reach out to clients on the channels where they are most likely to interact with the ideal message at the ideal time. Drift will assist you in meeting the needs of your customers while increasing output thanks to its razor-sharp insights that are meant to penetrate under the skin of important client categories.


The most effective link-building artificial intelligence marketing tools.

The top link-building tools provide advice on how to get in touch with these websites to establish mutually beneficial connections that can ultimately improve your search rankings and broaden the reach of your brand. Let’s look at it.


Link affinities

This digital marketing tool, which is one of the most reputable ethical link-building platforms available, will help you boost your brand authority while creating a tonne of beneficial promotional connections.

LinkAffinity offers AI insights based on precise semantic estimation and is very visual and simple to use out of the box. An absolute ace in the hole for connection development.


AI marketing solutions for managing and advertising on social media

The entire social media process is automated by a social media management application. Let’s look at the best automated social media managers available.



Cortex is a cutting-edge solution for managing and advertising on social media. It leverages cutting-edge technology to give crucial marketing data from a range of sources. With Cortex, you can clearly see what is generating interaction and piquing interest among your target audience, giving you the knowledge you need to decide when and what to broadcast. Its recommendations for posting content are typically rather accurate as well.



Use AI to accelerate your marketing

AI has the potential to be a potent tool for improving your digital marketing campaigns. But to utilize it well, you must be familiar with the principles.