The Top 3 Popular Types of Blogs That Make Money in 2022


Are you trying to find the popular blog categories in digital marketing courses that will be profitable in 2022? You are in the proper location.

Out of the more than 1.9 billion websites that exist today, did you realise that there are more than 600 million blogs?

Every day, more than 3 million blog entries go online on average.


  1. Personal blogs

Personal blogs are exactly what their name implies: blogs that are written on by a single person who expresses personal opinions, experiences, and interests in digital marketing.

The greatest advantage? On whatever subject you like, you can start a personal blog.

While some personal blogs are only read by a small number of people, others have gained significant popularity, with some even earning significant income.

The best examples of popular personal blogs include

  1. Zen Habits
  2. James Clear
  3. My Wife Quit Her Job

You can also check out these amazing blogging statistics to find interesting details about blogs.


What topics can you cover on a personal blog?

  • Personal development ( refer example,
  • Finance (refer example, My Wife Quit Her Job)
  • Fitness (refer example, Nerd Fitness)
  • Digital photography
  • Travel, music, reading, and the list goes on.


In 2022, how to create a profitable personal blog in digital marketing

Develop and expand your brand: Developing a personal brand is the greatest method to start ANY blog. Many people have developed their brands in order to expand their blogs and enterprises.


Post frequently: The majority of people don’t constantly update their personal blogs. Because of this, they frequently struggle to make money in digital marketing. Stick to it and be consistent, whether you post every day, once each week, or once every other week.

  1. Food blogs

What is the one thing we absolutely must have? Food! Because of this, food blogs are quite well-liked all across the world.

A food blog is a website or blog that offers recipes and information on food.

By writing food blogs, sharing nutrition and health tips, and developing recipes, you can attract millions of people to your website.

Food blogs frequently include posts about restaurants, cooking methods, and food culture in addition to recipes. To increase traffic, some well-known culinary blogs now include video content.


The following are some of the top food blogs:

What subjects are possible for a food blog?

  1. Vegan eating
  2. The Paleo diet
  3. Grilling
  4. Lose weight meals recipes
  5. Dietary alternatives


How to create a profitable food blog in digital marketing 2023

Share your inventive and unusual recipes: There are several cuisine blogs online. Share original and mouth watering recipes right away if you want to have a great food blog. That distinguishes you from your competitors.

Analyse your rivals: To find out which keywords your rivals are using most successfully, use competition analysis tools like Semrush.


  1. Blogs about fashion and leisure

A fashion blog is a blog that discusses the newest trends in clothing, as well as style advice and lifestyle suggestions. Using fashion blogs as a resource for shopping and recognising trends may be quite helpful.

You can discover everything from budget-friendly styling tips to professional advice on how to put together a smart outfit on fashion and lifestyle blogs in online digital marketing classes.

You can choose to target particular groups, including celebrities, working men and women, etc. To get their attention, create pertinent material.


What subjects may you write about on a blog about fashion or lifestyle?

  1. Personal fashion
  2. Makeup
  3. Looks
  4. Haircare
  5. Skincare
  6. luxury clothing
  7. fashion accessories
  8. Furthermore 



How to launch your own business blog

Do you intend to start a blog or website in 2023? Here is a short guide on how to launch a professional blog on a tight budget.

You need a blogging platform in order to launch a blog. Since WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and is used by millions of users, we suggest it.

You require both web hosting and a domain name in order to utilise WordPress. We as a digital marketing team suggest Bluehost for web hosting since it is inexpensive and relied upon by more than 2 million website owners worldwide.