Five mobile marketing tips for 2023


Mobile marketing is ever-evolving, and it appears that lately the wind has been blowing more forcefully than normal. It can be difficult to forecast the course of this continuously changing sector, but there are five crucial suggestions to bear in mind as we go forward into another exciting year of mobile marketing.


  1. Pay attention to privacy laws.

Change is inevitable, if 2021 and 2022 have taught us anything. Privacy is at the forefront of mobile marketing, from Apple’s deprecation of IDFA to the (still-in-flux) Google Sandbox, but it’s unclear exactly how it will appear in 2023.

SKAdNetwork 4.0, which caused adjustments to the timing and volume of postbacks received—and granted probabilistic another reprieve—was also introduced by Apple with the release of iOS 16. However, despite constant improvements, SKAdNetwork is growing in popularity.

Chrome’s cookie-based targeting replacement by Google has been postponed until at least the second half of 2023. Google stated that developers in digital marketing could “start testing worldwide the Topics, FLEDGE, and Attribution Reporting APIs in the Canary version of Chrome” back in March of this year.

The first Android Privacy Sandbox developer preview was released in April. Since then, there haven’t been many updates, so mobile marketers and developers need to monitor changes to be ready for what’s next.


  1. Remain adaptable to enable speedy adaptation.

The only thing we know for sure about 2023 is that there will be more changes. To succeed in the always shifting mobile environment, you must have the ability to adapt.

But to do that, businesses must remain nimble, whether that means being receptive to novel strategies or using technologies that can adapt to change. Companies should try to address problems before they actually arise with a little forward-thinking and adaptability.


  1. Pay attention to ROI.

Every budget, including ad expenditure, is being scrutinised as a result of rising prices and an impending recession. It is more difficult to do so in the age of privacy, but marketing teams should maintain a tight eye on marketing expenses and ROI.

Determining which marketing channels produce the best outcomes and the most valuable users is therefore more crucial than ever. Determining what is necessary for specific case points and what KPIs really matter to ensure marketers use their budget effectively. Marketing professionals can examine their efforts and gain additional value from them by using the appropriate tools.


  1. Consider including affiliate marketing.

By the end of 2022, expenditure on affiliate marketing is expected to reach $13 billion, making it a crucial channel for mobile marketers in 2023.

The ideal affiliate network can offer a crucial channel mix that goes beyond Google and Facebook’s bounds. In the Awin and Digiday study, participants claimed they collaborated with a range of affiliate partners, including bloggers (35%), price comparison sites (36%), price influencers (40%), media outlets (39%), influencers and creators (40%), and technology partners (34%). It is evident that affiliate networks can contribute significantly to any mobile marketing plan.


  1. Automate everything and anything that you can.

For years, automation has been listed as a marketing trend—and with good cause. By automating laborious manual processes, employees are freed to work on bigger-picture, more creative projects. This is crucial for small teams trying to get the most out of every advertising dollar.

Every year, the AI powering automation gets better, making it simpler to work smarter rather than harder, and freeing up a team to focus on mission-critical activities.


What can we therefore anticipate from mobile marketing in 2023?

The environment for mobile marketing is evolving, and both marketers and service providers must adapt. Businesses who view these developments as challenges rather than failures will succeed in 2023. Even when you don’t know what’s around the corner, keeping an eye on mobile industry trends will help you plan for the future and stay ahead of the curve.



The appropriate technology is more important than ever for assisting businesses in navigating the future. Innovative solutions can boost client output and demonstrate their ROI, making them more effective.