Ten Guidelines for Making Money from Your YouTube Channel


Both professionals and amateurs use YouTube as a venue for hosting videos. It’s a fantastic method to generate money as well, if you know your way around it. You’ve come to the perfect digital marketing institute if you’ve ever wondered how to make money off of YouTube for your personal needs.

This article from the best online digital marketing institute in India examines the potentially lucrative topic of YouTube monetization, providing advice, a definition, pertinent laws, and what to do if your application is turned down.

We’ll start with a straightforward definition.


What is monetization on YouTube?

Your capacity to make money from your videos on YouTube is referred to as monetization. You need 4,000 watch hours over the course of the last 12 months and at least 1,000 subscribers to your channel in order to be eligible for YouTube’s monetization scheme and for more detail you can learn from online digital marketing courses.


Policies for YouTube Channel Monetization

Let’s go through two essential procedures under YouTube’s channel monetization guidelines. Some of these ideas were briefly discussed in digital marketing training classes.

Submitting a YouTube Partner Program application

The time it takes YouTube to review and decide on your membership application is around a month, possibly longer. During the application process, YouTube will look for the following requirements:

  1. Main idea
  2. Most popular videos
  3. Brand-new videos
  4. Largest proportion of watch time
  5. Video information (e.g., titles, thumbnails, descriptions)


Avoiding YouTube Copyright and Monetization Mistakes: Infringing on someone else’s intellectual property is a serious penalty on YouTube.

Therefore, you should only post videos that you have either made yourself or have been given permission to use. Additionally, audio and music tracks, user-made videos, and other protected works are all included in the definition of copyright. It can lead to:

  • Termination or suspension of an account
  • Eliminating all video adverts
  • getting kicked out of the YPP
  • The Top 10 YouTube Income Sources

Here are the top ten methods for monetizing YouTube according to digital marketing institute, in no particular order:


  1. Youtube Ads: The simplest, most fundamental, and widely used method of revenue is through YouTube ads. There are various YouTube ad styles that let you manage where these advertisements display before or during videos. You can learn more from online digital marketing classes.
  2. Affiliates: Have you ever watched a video where the host gives you a link to a company’s website so you may look into their goods and services. 

That is a programme for affiliates. For each sale that is a success, you receive a commission.

  • YouTube Premium:

Members of the subscription service can download videos and access content without advertisements. Fortunately, this service still pays you for your films because subscription income payments are distributed to video creators in the same way as ad revenue payments are. How frequently Premium members watch your movies will determine how much.

  1. Channel Membership: Membership in a channel involves paying a monthly fee in return for special privileges including access to exclusive films, one-on-one live chats, and product discounts. You can learn more about this channel membership through digital marketing courses.
  2. Patronage: We previously discussed this advice. Think about using a third-party site like Patreon to allow viewers to support your channel in exchange for special rewards. In relation to treats:
  3. Merchandise: Here’s another strategy we’ve already talked about. Numerous supported merchant systems are readily available nowadays and ready to assist you in selling your branded products to your fans.


  1. Paid Sponsorships: In order to use, demonstrate, or discuss a company’s products or services in your video, you must first secure sponsorship from the company or brand. You can learn briefly about paid sponsorship through digital marketing classes.
  2. Features like Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks are Super. These three “super” characteristics can be seen in chat messages displayed during YouTube live streaming in one of three ways:
  3. Super Chat: This feature prioritises your chat messages over those of other users.
  4. Super Stickers is a feature similar to Super Chat, but with stickers that users can purchase and distribute to pin at the top of a chat stream.
  5. Super Appreciated: This feature enables users to express their appreciation to their favourite creators. For a modest cost, users can purchase a featured chat comment as well as an animated GIF.
  6. YouTube Shorts Fund: If the applicants match the requirements, this $100 million fund is set aside for shorts creators.
  7. YouTube BrandConnect: This tool links brands with YouTube creators for content marketing campaigns, and it is now accessible in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.



What to Do If You Get Rejected by the YouTube Partner Program(YPP)

Don’t give up if you’re rejected by the YPP. After 30 days, you can reapply for the YPP. By alerting you to the guidelines your channel broke, YouTube fortunately offers you the chance to make amends. For more information you can visit our digital marketing courses.